Consciousness is what makes the mind

Consciousness is what makes the mind - "Consciousness...

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"Consciousness is what makes the mind-body problem really intractable," is a direct quote taken from "What is it Like to be a Bat," by Thomas Nagel. The mind-body problem is a branch of metaphysics that argues over whether the mind and body are distinct separate entities or connected. In the quote taken from Nagel's paper, he states that consciousness is what makes the mind-body problem so hard to manage. Many philosophers have their theories on this subject, many of which don't make a lot of sense but Nagel seems to have an agreeable, logical grasp on the topic. Thomas Nagel has few arguments to prove his point on the mind-body problem. In his first argument, he tries to prove that Reductive Theories don’t work. Reductive theories are those that reduce consciousness to neuroscience. His first point is that there is a phenomenological character to experiences that introspection reveals. Phenomenological experiences are like streams of thoughts of words and pictures while introspection is the thing that reveals all these thoughts and emotions. This is basically what Folk psychology is and that is what the reductive theory does not believe in. According to Nagel, because any philosophy of mind must capture the phenomenal character, reductive theories cannot work. In his paper, he explains this by saying, “I do not deny that conscious mental states and events cause behavior, nor that they may be given functional characterizations. I deny only that this kind of thing exhausts their analysis of what is to be reduced.” In his next argument, Nagel brings subjective and objective matters into play. Subjective is real, you cannot discount it and objective would be on the outside. He goes on to explain this by saying, “It is often possible to take up a point of view other
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Consciousness is what makes the mind - "Consciousness...

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