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10/23/06 The Life Once Led I’ve always been a bit impulsive. As a child I used to say whatever was on my mind. I would strive to experience as much as I could, for no other reason than to live. As I’ve grown older my need to explore and push boundaries has become less overt. I keep most of my ideas in my head, but I still remember the days when I never held back. My 8th grade Hebrew school confirmation trip sticks out as the most memorable time of my life when I reached out and grabbed what I wanted from life. As if signaled by the arrival of my classmates and I, the sky opened up and set loose a blizzard of epic proportions on the city streets. Most of our scheduled plans were canceled. That weekend my friends and I tore through the streets as if those were our last days on earth. I burst with all the childlike lust for experience I had within myself, finding wonder at every turn. When I stepped off the bus in Brooklyn I looked up at the sky and it seemed as if I was under the same patch of sky I started out at. The sky over New York was just as dingy and grey as the sky above the parking lot where I waited for the Peter Pan coach bus. I was immediately struck by the cold. The air was at first refreshingly crisp; a welcomed change after the five hour bus ride. However, after a few short minutes the cold began to creep through the veins in my thin fingers. The low temperatures gradually began to wear through the thick lining of my coat. The Rabbi, my friends and I walked along for a few blocks until we reached our first destination, a famous Brooklyn pickle shop. “The Pickle Factory” was a mainstay for Jewish New Yorkers. It possessed a myriad of pickle flavors that one doesn’t find in the average supermarket. The store
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included the normal full sour and half sour varieties but also added other choices such as the “greenie”, a lightly pickled cucumber, and the “spicy pickle.” My rabbi ordered one for all my classmates and I. I chose the “spicy pickle” because I was skinny, cold and I liked spicy food anyway. My hands froze upon grasping the pickle, but as soon as I bit into it New York became a warmer, more exciting place. The strong flavor of the pickle combined with the beginnings of snowfall ushered me into a new world of possibilities yet to be unearthed. As my classmates and I relaxed in the hotel later the weather grew in intensity to a full force blizzard. Our scheduled plans began to collapse. That night we saw “The Lion King” on Broadway instead of visiting a Russian Jewish nightclub. The play captured the magic of the original film and added more with its own twists. Whatever the movie
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narrative_final3 - 10/23/06 The Life Once Led I've always...

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