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BERGMAN CASE 4 - D $100,070(Incorrect-2 the answer is...

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Chris Bergman Principles of Finance SECTION 25049 OPC 004 October 10, 2008 [email protected] Assignment 1 MISSING A -4 B) $313,698 (Correct but you need to show your work or at least the variables) C) $111,677 (Incorrect -2 the answer is roughly $15575.10 show your work)
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Unformatted text preview: D) $100,070 (Incorrect -2 the answer is $14669.75 show your work) E) $378,000 (Incorrect -2 the answer is $17377.73 remember with a perpetuity your pmt is just your interest accrued. Then you would work back for the pmt’s in years 1-12) GRADE 15/25...
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