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In her essay, “Mirror Mirror: Seeing Yourself as Others See You,” Carlin Flora points out many problems people have with self image and traits that lead to positive self image as well. These personality factors include upbringing and shyness. But what do we really get from reading Flora’s essay? She does not make any recommendations on how to deal with said problems. For instance, she uses this quote. “Children behave in ways that perpetuate what they have experienced.” (Martha Farrell Erickson) If the child is ignored by his parents, he will push others away in a social setting. She says that “people with negative self- concepts goad others to evaluate them harshly…they would rather be right then be admired.” The problem is clear, yet no solution is present. I read intently when Flora brought up social anxiety (or shyness). As someone with a history of social anxiety I was hoping to learn something new to help myself.
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Unformatted text preview: She says that when nervous, people convey poor images of themselves and neglect to put others at ease. Interesting, I had not thought of the latter. Once again however, there was nothing written about changing the problem. The essay goes far enough to help people identify problems they have. However, those same people are left hanging with what to do next. I feel that Flora does little to guide people with problem personality traits, and since the writing is geared to these people I believe that she should try to send them in the right direction for treatment. This could be done quite easily by tacking on a few sentences on treatment for each personality problem. A blurb under the title of the essay says “The clearest view [of how others see you] depends on how you see yourself.” This is made clear in the essay, yet there is little information to help those with problems change their self perceptions....
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