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Chris Bergman Principles of Finance SECTION 25049 OPC 004 October 7, 2008 christopherbergman@g.austincc.edu Chapter 4 1) separate document d. Financial managers use the present value technique because they make decisions at time zero. 8) a. 8.1% b. 12.98% c. 15.97% 23) a. PMT= $40,000 n= 25 i= 5%
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Unformatted text preview: PV= $563,757.78 I would choose to receive annual payments b. No, I would still receive annual payments, but I would get more money. c. around 4.2% 27) a. $33,661 b. $35,257.74 c. B d. No 33) a. $8,811.71 b. $12,181.98 c. $30,958.68 d. I do not understand the question....
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