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assignment 5 - Sametra Williams Enrollment #: 646028 DARY...

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Sametra Williams Enrollment #: 646028 DARY 1048 1. The fluid milk products commonly available to consumers are: a. Whole milk b. Low fat milk c. Skim or fat free milk d. High protein milk e. Buttermilk (natural or churned, cultured) f. Sweet acidophilus milk g. Cream h. Sour cream 2. The difference between sweet and cultured buttermilk is the sweet buttermilk is the fluid by-product of churning cream into butter (it is more “naturally flavored”) and cultured buttermilk is made from fresh skim milk or low fat milk. The difference between cultured buttermilk and sweet acidophilus milk is that sweet acidophilus milk is kept cool after the addition of the lactic acid culture until it is consumed. 3. Identify the starter culture used in each of the following: a. Cultured buttermilk: Fresh skim or low-fat milk b. Sweet acidophilus milk: Lactobacillus acidophilus is added c. K-Plus milk: Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifido bacterium 4. Sweet acidophilus or K-Plus milk benefits individuals who are lactose intolerant because the microorganisms produce an acid condition in the small intestine that enhances the
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assignment 5 - Sametra Williams Enrollment #: 646028 DARY...

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