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Sametra Williams Enrollment #: 646028 DARY 1048 1. A breed is a group of animals having a common origin and characteristics that distinguish them from other groups within the same species. 2. The characteristics of a dairy breed is the ample body capacity to process large quantities of food nutrients essential to sustain high milk production, large high quality mammary glands for secreting milk, and other inherent genetic traits important to high milk production. 3. The six major breeds of dairy cattle are: Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstien, Jersey, and Milking Shorthorn. 4. The Holstein is the oldest breed; the Milking Shorthorn is the youngest; the most recently recognized is the Milking Shorthorn. 5. The dairy breeds are noted for: a. The Ayrshire breed is noted for its body style, symmetrical and extremely well- attached udders, and soundness of feet and legs. b. The Brown Swiss is hardy, rugged, thrifty, and tends to be more tolerant to high environmental conditions; also their persistency of lactation. c. The Guernsey breed is known for its carotene-rich milk. d. The Holstein breed is the largest of the breeds. It is noted for a high level of milk production and prolific reproduction. e. The Jersey breed is the smallest of the dairy breeds and is noted for uniformity of conformation, well-shaped and strongly attached udders, and the production of milk with the highest percentage of milk fat. f. The Milking Shorthorn is noted for its body style and good milking qualities. 6.
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assignment 6 - Sametra Williams Enrollment #: 646028 DARY...

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