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assignment 7 - Sametra Williams Enrollment #: 646028 DARY...

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Sametra Williams Enrollment #: 646028 DARY 1048 1. The single deficiency of management that costs the dairyman loss of income is lack of good records. 2. The general reasons for keeping records are to make day-to-day decisions, evaluate past management practices, and assist in making long-term plans. 3. The characteristics of a good record keeping system are that it must be easy to maintain with a minimum amount of time; it should be simple, easy to follow, complete, accurate, and up-to-date. 4. The major records a dairyman should keep are: a. Milk and fat production for individual cows and herd b. Reproduction (ex: estrus, breeding date, sire used, etc.) c. Herd health (ex: vaccinations, disease diagnosis, and treatment) d. Cash flow of income (ex: sale of milk, calves, culled cows, bull calves) and expenses (ex: feed, labor, maintenance and repair equipment, etc.) 5. Identification is the prerequisite of a good record keeping system. 6. The two types of animal identification are permanent (ex: ear tattooing, freeze or cryo- branding, hot iron branding, etc) and temporary (ex: neck chains, ear tags, anklets, crayons, etc). 7. Ear tattooing should be used soon after birth. The tattoo should be placed between the ribs of the ear out of hair covered areas. Tattoo for ownership ID should be placed on the right ear and the tattoo for number ID should be placed on the left ear. 8. The basic principle in ear tattooing is to trap the ink inside the punctured numbers or letters, which allows a mark to be left on the ear. 9. The important steps to follow when ear tattooing are: a. Put the desired numbers/letters in the tattoo pliers. b. Check that the sequence of all numbers/ letters is correct by clamping the tattoo pliers onto a piece of cardboard. c.
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assignment 7 - Sametra Williams Enrollment #: 646028 DARY...

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