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Sametra Williams August 16, 2008 Enrollment #: 646028 Assignment 9 1. Genetics is the science that deals with heredity and variation and seeks to explain similarities and differences exhibited by individuals related by descent. 2. Define the following terms: a. Heredity: the transmission of hereditary material from one generation to the ext or from parent to offspring. b. Variation: the wide range in values for such traits as milk production. c. Genotype: the genetic make-up of an individual or the difference in gene combination between individuals, except in the case of identical twins. d. Phenotype: what one sees and can measure in an animal; the estimator of genotype. e. Quantitative Traits: traits of economic importance. f. Qualitative Traits : traits which are not influenced by the environment. g. Additive Gene Action: controls the inheritance of quantitative traits or traits of economic importance. h. Dominance: a condition in which one member of a pair of genes manifests and masks the expression of the other member of the pair. i.
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assignment 9 - Sametra Williams Enrollment 646028...

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