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assignment 15 - Sametra Williams Enrollment#: 646028...

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Sametra Williams Enrollment#: 646028 January 1, 2009 Assignment 15 1. Indicate: a. Total number of dairy farm operations: 43% decrease over the past 10 year period. b. Size of farms and herds: farm or herd size has declined except for those with 200 cows or more, which accounted for 57% of the milk produced by 2001. c. Total number of cows: over the past 10 years (1990-2000) the total number declined at .8% year; approx. 1/3 of the total number in 2000-2001 found in herds with more than 500 heads. d. Average milk production per cow: continued to increase by 16% for 92-2001; increase due to improved genetics. e. Total milk production: increased by 10% over the past 10 years; today more milk is produced by a smaller number of cows. f. Number of fluid milk plants: steady decrease over the past 20 years. g. Average volume per plant: steady increase over the past 20 years. 2. The three milk producing regions of the US are Northeast, the Upper Midwest, and the West. These three producing regions accounted for 126,846 million lbs of the total of 165,335 million lbs of milk produced in 2001. 3. The seven major structural changes taking place in today’s dairy industry are: a. Farms are consolidating due to competition and opportunity. b. The milk supply continues to increase to meet consumer demand. c. Cheese demand may be leveling off, just as cheese imports appear to be increasing. d. Milk can be transported longer distances. e. Some government programs are becoming more market oriented, others are not. f. Consumers want more selection, convenience, and quality at affordable prices. g.
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assignment 15 - Sametra Williams Enrollment#: 646028...

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