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dary assignment1

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1 Sametra Williams Enrollment #: 646028 DARY 1048 Assignment 1 1. Dairying is defined as the production, processing, and marketing of milk and milk products (which is associated with both science and business). 2. Dairying involves science as well as business due to the numerous transitions and processes it goes through. Science is involved because it deals with the techniques of production and processing, which produces quality milk. Business is involved because it deals with the economic aspects of production and processing in order to achieve a fair price and profit from the products which reach the consumers. 3. The three phases of dairying involved in providing milk to consumers are production, processing, and marketing. 4. Some mammalian species which produces milk for mankind are cattle, goats, camels, reindeers, and water buffalos. However, cattle are the primary producer of milk. 5. The early settlers in the United States were searching for “the fountain of youth”-milk.
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