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ANSC 3053 Fall, 2008 TOPIC STUDY GUIDE for EXAM 2 Conversion of Muscle to Meat (Ch. 5, " Conversion of Muscle to Meat Postmortem Changes " handout) Homeostasis and steps in slaughter Energy metabolism Changes in postmortem muscle (flow diagram of cascade of events) Phases of rigor mortis- delay, onset, completion, resolution Myofibrillar structural changes in rigor mortis and changes in myofibrils during postmortem aging Factors influencing postmortem changes and meat quality- production and processing influences (also discussed in Properties, Processing, and Preservation lectures) Charts on pH decline, isometric tension, pork quality categories Meat Properties (Ch. 6, " Properties of Meat " handout) Water binding capacity- steric space, protein net charge, capillary forces Color- light reflection, color measurement, pigment amounts, pigment forms, pigment changes Juiciness- fat and water amounts
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