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Sametra Williams September 25, 2008 ANSC 4018 Homework #3 6.2 Based on these new findings, the occurrence of yellow is 50% and the occurrence of chocolate is also 50%. 6.4 (a) 36 A.I. matings would have to be performed in order be 99% sure of about the offspring. (b) Confidence on this bull in the future would be 99% sure and 1% unsure. Due to the one percent error, it is still likely for this bull to pass on this trait. The one time in which he
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Unformatted text preview: transmitted this gene could have been due to this one percent. 6.6 We are 80% sure that the ram does not carry the spider allele trait. 6.8 6.10 The frequency in the next generation would be .066 for this type. (b) The odd thing about this result is that it highly favors the recessive numbers in the previous example. It does not seem as though the J locus is favored highly, only a little....
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