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homework ch 7

homework ch 7 - than bull B for this matter 7.6 a...

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Sametra Williams October 9, 2008 ANSC 4018 HWK ch. 7 7.2 b. The environment seems to be more important in determining racing time. 7.4 a. The expected difference in average yearling weights of progeny for Bull A is +20 and for Bull B is -2.5. b. Some of Bull B’s progeny will not have heavier yearling weights than Bull A’s progeny because Bull B’s yearling weight is -5 lbs. A negative yearling weight means that it is less and “not favorable” compared to a more positive weight; bull A’s progeny will be heavier
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Unformatted text preview: than bull B for this matter. 7.6 a. Individual 2 would be heavier because it has a higher phenotypic value. b. Individual 2 would have heavier offspring because it has a higher breeding value. c. The answers differ than in 7.5 because there is no dominance at any loci; unlike in 7.5 where dominance is expressed. 7.8 a. I would bet on Raise-a-Ruckus’s horse because he has a better producing ability. b. Next year, I would choose Raise-a-Ruckus’s horse. 7.10...
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