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homework ch 11

homework ch 11 - accuracy because records on half sibs...

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Sametra Williams November 15, 2008 ANSC 4018 Ch. 11 HWK 11-1: a. (i) – 1.46 sec; (ii) 6.0 b. (i) – 1.89 sec; (ii) .97 c. Megabuck’s prediction has been regressed because it has more information. d. The EBVs of the two horses can be directly compared because they have both been adjusted for the amount of information. Megabuck should be used because using him is less of a risk. 11-2: a. .102 lb/day b. .106 lb/day c. When it is assumed to be zero, the overall EBV will automatically increase; when the denominator is lower, the answer always increases. 11-3: a. (i) .5; (ii) .71; (iii) .75; (iv) .61; (v) .25; (vi) .49; (vii) .5; (viii) .99 b. (i) No change in accuracy yet; (ii) .71, accuracy increased due to increased heritability.; (iii) .75, accuracy increased due to increased number of records; (iv) .61, accuracy less because higher repeatability means less independent information record.; (v) lower
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Unformatted text preview: accuracy because records on half sibs convey less information than records on the individual itself.; (vi) higher accuracy but still limited because half sib information does not account for breeding values of mates.; (vii) higher accuracy because progeny are more closely related to the individual than are half sibs.; (viii) very high accuracy with large progeny numbers. The ultimate test of an individual’s breeding value. 11-4: a. GB: EBV is +/- .636 and MB: EBV +/- .188 b. Selecting Gay Blade is more of a risk than Megabuck because he has a larger confidence range, allowing a greater margin for error. Megabuck is more accurate, with a smaller confidence range. 11-5: a. +51.5 lb b. .79 11-6: a. +2.0 lb b. +1 c. +43.0...
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  • Accuracy and precision, b. c. d., higher accuracy, Megabuck, large progeny numbers, independent information record.

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