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Sametra Williams October 16, 2008 ANSC 4018 Ch.8 Homework 8.1 a. Calculate: i. 176.4 days ii. 1.28 in iii. 165.38 days ^2 iv. .24 in^2 v. 12.86 days vi. .155 in b. Calculate. = -.569 days*in -The negative sign of the covariance indicates that an increase in the number of days required to reach 230 lb is associated with a decrease in backfat thickness. In other words, faster growing pigs are fatter-slower growing pigs are less fat. -The signs of both will be negative because the covariance determines their sign. c. = -.29 -There is a moderate, negative phenotypic correlation between days to 230 lb and backfat
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Unformatted text preview: thickness in these data. d. = -.0034 in per day-On average, for every one-day increase in the number of days required to reach 230 lb, backfat thickness decreases .0034 in. e. i.= 1.35 in ii. =1.20 in 8.2 a. i. i.= 12.86 days ii. = .155 in iii. = 12.86 days iv. = .49 in v. = 12.86 days vi. = 155 in ii. The phenotypic, genetic, and environmental correlations are all positive; which means this correlation is very strong. b. i. =170 lbs ii. =120 lbs...
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