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lecture notes 3 - 9/12/08 ANSC 4018 (refer to handout:...

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9/12/08 ANSC 4018 (refer to handout: Intro to Animal Genetics) 1. We breed animals to pass on desirable traits; to improve genetic offspring and the future population. 2. Individuals cannot be improved genetically because their genes are fixed. 3. Animal breeding is the science of selecting or breeding animals so that the offspring generation has an improved overall genetic “phenotype.” 4. A trait is some sort of measurable feature we are interested in (i.e. milkfat, etc.). 5. The primary traits are based on how we use the animal “economically.” Primary traits are the traits by which we “plan to” use the animal. 6. Secondary traits are traits by which we plan to either reproduce that animal or the length of time they can survive. 7. Observable Traits: i.e.: coat color, eye color; traits one can see. Measurable Traits: i.e.: milk production, body weight. 8. A trait is a measurable trait and a phenotype is an observable trait. 9. Phenotype= “Genotype + Environment” 10. When we breed animals, we are trying to accomplish “genetically” a competitive animal who can be an economical advantage as well as possess a reproductive advantage; trying to influence the offspring’s genetic make-up/ genotype. 11. Same biological type is that they are animals who have similar genetic specie/breed
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lecture notes 3 - 9/12/08 ANSC 4018 (refer to handout:...

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