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BASIC CONCEPTS OF POLITICAL THOUGHT (POLS 230-01) Winter 2009 – Mid-Term Handout The mid-term exam will be given in class on Wednesday 4 February. Since I will be out of town at a conference that day, the exam will be given by a proctor. Please be nice to the proctor. Three of the following questions will be on the exam (my choice), and you will answer one of them (your choice). Please be sure to write a thorough, complete essay in response to the question. Your answer should explain not only each thinker’s response to the particular question I pose, but should also explain how that position fits in to the thinker’s overall theory. (In other words, you need to summarize the whole theory of each thinker you discuss.) Remember: tell me everything! Do not assume that I know anything about the theories you discuss. The exam is closed-book and closed-notes. Please bring 1 large bluebook to write your answer in. Questions 1) You may have noticed that our world contains various kinds of inequality. For this question, I’d like you to focus on inequalities of political power, of wealth, and of natural abilities.
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