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POLS 180_Assignment _3 - POLS 180 Assignment #3: Research...

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POLS 180 Assignment #3: Research Design Due in class on Thursday, 11/20/07 Value: 5% of your overall course grade Task : For this assignment, you should re-read the notes on research designs and determine which would be the most likely option for your ongoing research project (based on assignments 1 and 2). The assignment will require you to (a) choose a research design/method and “set it up”, (b) explain why you feel this design/method is a good fit for your research question, (c) draw up an arrow diagram that includes your hypothesis and control (or intervening) variables + a brief explanation, and (d) outline a plan for how/where you would collect the data needed for your project. NOTE: You do NOT actually have to carry out the research and/or collect the data, but you have to write up how you would do it, if you had to. For instance, if you propose to design a survey to test your hypothesis, you will need to briefly address what types of questions you might ask (not actually write the questions) and how/where/when you would administer the survey and to whom/how many people. Detailed Guidelines: 1. The purpose of this assignment is to get you to think about the different methods available to you to test your hypothesis. Most of the time, the type of method you choose dependents on a number of factors: (1) What is your question, what are your variables and what is the best way to measure them? (2) Is there already data out there or would you have to collect it yourself, and if so, how might you go about it? (3) What are the
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POLS 180_Assignment _3 - POLS 180 Assignment #3: Research...

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