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POLS 180 (due on 12-04 in class) Assignment #4: Subfields Due in class on the day of the final exam Value: 5% of your overall course grade Task : For this assignment, please answer ONE of the following questions from the various subfields of political science. Your answer should be in the form of an opinion essay. You do not necessarily need secondary sources, but you may want to use them in order to answer the question (please cite sources properly, if you use them). I expect a well thought out and well written assignment with a brief introduction and a brief conclusion. You may need to refer to the textbook for some of the questions. A) How does Aristotle’s conceptualization of equality differ from the way Jefferson, Tecumseh, and Mendes define equality? Which definition of equality do you agree with the most and why? (Political Theory) B) Should governments pass laws to make citizens ethical (i.e. in the form of antidrug and/or pornography laws)? How would John Stuart Mill answer this
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