H03: Solution Properties

H03: Solution Properties - muir(cem2577 H03 Solution...

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muir (cem2577) – H03: Solution Properties – McCord – (52405) 1 This print-out should have 14 questions. Multiple-choice questions may continue on the next column or page – fnd all choices beFore answering. 001 10.0 points Dissociation oF a solid is aided by 1. strong interaction between solvent molecules. 2. weak binding oF species in the solid and strong interactions between the solvent and solute. 3. None oF these is correct. 4. strong binding in the solid and weak solvent-solute interaction. 002 10.0 points Some distilled water is added to an empty beaker. A gram oF copper(II) nitrate is added to the beaker with stirring. AFter a Few min- utes, what is in the beaker? 1. solid copper, nitrate ions, and water 2. copper ions, nitrate ions, and water 3. nitrogen gas, copper atoms, electrons, and water 4. solid copper(II) nitrate and water 5. a sticky material oF copper hydronitrite 003 10.0 points Both ammonia and phosphine (PH 3 ) are sol- uble in water. Which is least soluble and why? 1. phosphine; it does not Form hydrogen bonds with water molecules. 2. phosphine; the P - H bonds are so strong that they cannot break to enable phosphine to hydrogen-bond with water. 3.
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H03: Solution Properties - muir(cem2577 H03 Solution...

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