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All inca leaders claim descendancy from these sibling and supreme deity Viracocha they did not see silver as something valuable Viracocha – is the supreme god, deity, not to be confused with the sun who is a more supreme god, more personified than the sun Sun god is Inti, sun is the reason for everything Tahuantinsuya - Regions that comprise the Inca Empire (the term that is filtered through the Spanish, the Spanish gave it that word) roughly correspond with the Cardinal Points as well form part of that sece and huaxa point as well Think of the seces as imaginary lines there are points that act as guide posts guide posts are known as the Huacas Originate of Cuzco, which is considered the center of the Universe Coriconcha - Santa Domingo is the symbolic center of the empire all roads lead to Coriconcha Relationship hierarchy all these guacas have a Chasqui – Inca Messenger Inca Hierarchy and social organization inca emperor
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