489_Syllabus_Janurary_16_2009 - Spring 2009 COURSE SYLLABUS...

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Spring 2009 COURSE SYLLABUS Malott Hall, Room 253 Course Requirements Percent of Grade Homework assignments (10% Econ; writing is reviewed and edited only) 10 4 Quizzes (drop lowest quiz; no makeups for a missed quiz) 10 Final Business Plan: Oral presentation (group) 20 Report (group) 35 Mandatory Final (Thursday May 14, 7:00 to 9:30 pm) 15 Group Participation (By group contract) 10 Total 100% Grading: (no curve, > 98 = A+; 93-97=A; 90-92=A-; 88-89 = B+; 80-82=B-; etc) No Adds after Wednesday of the 2 nd week. COURSE Administration and SIGN UP FOR COURSE via BLACBOARD: Directions are at: http://blackboard.cornell.edu/, then follow directions given for students. SIGN UP FOR COURSE INFO:Directions 1. Log in at http://blackboard.cornell.edu 2. Click "All Blackboard Sites" tab 3. Search for your course (it might be BEE 489 as opposed to 4890) 4. Click button marked "Enroll" You may need to create a new password for yourself. Once you get to "blackboard", you need to select BEE 4890. Homework will receive a zero for those not enrolled on Blackboard. All communication will be through Blackboard, posting of grades and homework materials will be via Blackboard; so you must enroll ASAP. Homework Due Date:
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This note was uploaded on 02/03/2009 for the course BEE 489 taught by Professor Timmons during the Spring '09 term at Cornell.

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489_Syllabus_Janurary_16_2009 - Spring 2009 COURSE SYLLABUS...

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