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Homework Logo & Slogan, BEE 489 Entrepreneurship 2007 Value: 5 Points Total Due in Writing Lab Monday Oct 15, 2007 (bring 5 copies) D ELIVERABLES : Name of company, Logo, Slogan & Letterhead (Review Chapter 4, page 126-131.) A sign is something by knowing which we know something more. -Charles Sanders Pierce The situation. A key board member you have recruited (and an investor at this point) is convinced that your company needs to improve its image. She requests that your team prepare a logo and discuss with her what it does for your image and message. She also thinks your current company name and letterhead are "blah" and need to be re-worked. The instructions for this part of the assignment follow. Background. A logo is a trademark – a means to represent your company in a single image. Although a logo is usually a simple element, perhaps a word (Coke) or a graphic (Apple Computers), it often becomes the most recognizable element of your company. It can be a powerful tool.
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