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Bee 489 Entrepreneurship 2007 Homework: SWOT and Market Analysis 10 points Group Assignment. Submit your written assignment into Digital Drop box by class time September 27, 2007 Situation: As engineers, you are most likely to start a business around some type of technology. As a startup company, it is your responsibility to research the potential market that you will address with your technology. Criteria for Your Business: This year we are imposing the following criteria for your startup venture: 1. Strartup funds required must be no more than $100,000. This is the cash you need to carry you to positive cash flow. Your business needs to reach this point before the end of the 2 nd year. This includes salaries, legal costs, inventory, taxes, rent, etc. Positive cash flow means that the cash being spent is less than the cash being generated. 2. Your startup idea and resource person has been assigned to your individual groups. Writing Lab:
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