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Homework Assignment Mission Statement BEE 489 Entrepreneurship FALL 2007 Week 4 Bring a written mission statement (each person in the group) to Writing Lab for Monday Sept 17, 2007. Value: 5 Points (each person turns in a hard copy of their draft Mission Statement) In Writing Lab Week 4, your group will develop a revised draft mission statement (20 to 40 words) for your company based upon the individual MS’s that each member has brought to lab. This will be turned in at end of lab and sent to your Faculty Leader via Digital Drop Box by end of day Monday September 17, 2007. Background. A mission statement is a concise statement of the general nature and direction of the company. Often, the mission statement is the very first thing a potential investor will read. If they are not "excited" by your mission statement, you have probably already lost them as a potential investor. The mission statement almost always appears in the visual aides (PPT) used
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