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Writing "no no's" 1. Never start a sentence with "to", e.g., To determine the market potential, we did such and such. 2. Never start a sentence with: a. Figure or Table, e.g., Figure 1 demonstrates that we succeeded. Figures and graphs should not be the subject of sentence. Instead, they should be referred to. b. A numerical number, e.g., 46 percent of our customers prefer us. (If they do start with a number, it must be written out, yes? Or do we just avoid starting with numbers entirely? <I just did one of my writing no- no’s. Oops>) 3. If you have a figure/table, be sure to discuss it in the text and make a reference to it at least once. 4. Figures and tables should be placed in the area of the text where they are discussed (you don’t need to wait until the end of a paragraph to insert a figure). 5. Avoid use of: a. Long sentences b. Starting a sentence with “Because”; simply, reorder your sentence structure putting the "because" content at the end of the sentence. c.
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writing_no_no_s_march_8_2005 (1) - Writing "no no's" 1....

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