CH221 EAS review

CH221 EAS review - CH221 EAS review

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CH221 EAS review (Review) SHAW ROBERT H CH 223, section 001, Fall 2008 Instructor: Kay Sandberg Web Assign Current Score: 8 out of 10 Due: Wednesday, August 20, 2008 09:00 AM EDT Description You should have covered electrophilic aromatic substitution in your CH221 class. It will be important for you to understand on the very first day of class the concepts given in these 221 presentations. Therefore you should do this assignment BEFORE coming to the first class so that you will have a good chance of maxing out your participation points on the first day. This grade will not be used in your grade calculation - it is a review assignment. Instructions The following lecture questions correspond to my 221 DE lectures 24 B and 25 A. The first 5 questions (starting with LQ #8) are found in Lecture 24 Part B Presentation (click here) and the last 4 questions are found in Lecture 25 Part A Presentation (click here). Lecture 24 Part B print out notes (click here)
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CH221 EAS review - CH221 EAS review

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