CH223 001 HW 11

CH223 001 HW 11 - CH223 001 HW 11

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CH223 001 HW 11 (Daily) SHAW ROBERT H CH 223, section 001, Fall 2008 Instructor: Kay Sandberg Web Assign Current Score: 12 out of 15 Due: Wednesday, September 17, 2008 07:00 AM EDT Description This assignment corresponds mainly to Lecture 11 and the DE presentation(s) which accompany it. Instructions The due date for this assignment is past. Your work can be viewed below, but no changes can be made. 1. 2.5/2.5 points You have been given the task of synthesizing 2 alcohols for your R&D boss at Alcohol Synthesizers Anonymous (sorry!). Listed below are the only reagents to which you have access. There is one problem - due to budget cutbacks you only have enough organic reagents for one synthesis which means you can only use an organic reagent from the table once (you can use any other reagent as many times as you want). Correction marks will not be shown for this question. A propene B Br 2 , light C ethanal D 1-butene E HBr, no peroxides F formaldehyde G 1-pentene H Mg metal I ethylene oxide J HBr, peroxides K propanal L aqueous acid Give the letter of the reagent you would use in sequence to effect this synthesis starting with the organic reagent which is the source of most of the carbons in the alcohol. You should need to put a reagent in each box. a) The first alcohol you need to synthesize is 1-heptanol. G G J J H H I I L L b) The second alcohol you need to synthesize is 1-pentanol. D D J H F F L CH223 001 HW 11 http:[email protected]/ .. 1 of 9 12/7/2008 12:26 PM
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Solution or Explanation 1-heptanol is made from 1-pentene and ethylene oxide. Reaction with ethylene oxide creates a primary alcohol 2 carbons longer than the organometallic species. 1-pentanol is made from 1-butene and formaldehyde. Reaction of an organometallic species with formaldehyde creates a
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CH223 001 HW 11 - CH223 001 HW 11

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