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Loewen ch. 2 notes - 1493: The true importance of...

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1493: The true importance of Christopher Columbus (Loewen Ch.2) 9/16/08 Summary of Loewen 1. What is the problem? 2. How is the problem transmitted? 3. Why is there a problem 4. What does the problem do? 5. How do we resolve this problem? What is the problem with the representation of Columbus? 1. Heroification (see p.32) a. All about providing a role model to instill personal qualities b. Columbus and his humility and how unprepared he was for his challenge c. The most courageous explorer ever flat earth theory d. Perseverance: kept on trying e. Rags to riches story f. Great leader of ignorant, superstitious crew 2. Weak understanding of the Rise of Europe (p. 33) a. Weapons technology (guns, swords, horses) b. Arms race and warfare in Europe i. “Not a single textbook mentions arms as a cause of European world domination” (35). c. Lust for Gold save souls for Christ d. “High school students don't usually think about the rise of Europe to world domination. It is rarely presented as a question. It seems natural, a given,
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Loewen ch. 2 notes - 1493: The true importance of...

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