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notes - 9-23 The Ocean World and American History Summary...

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9-23 The Ocean World and American History Summary of Bender o “Histories are taught in schools and brought into public discourse to forge and sustain national identities and they present the self-contained nation as the natural carrier of history (3).” Ch. 1 Introduction o P. 15 – 22 is the introduction to the chapter o Starts off with a criticism of how textbooks portray the pre-history of the US, regardless of whether they start with Pilgrims or Native Americans. o His whole point is that American History is not global enough starting with the native Americans is fine but we need to globalize o “The proto-nationalist and linear narrative persists, shaped and misshaped by its teleological anticipation of the later emergence of the United States. Thus reduced, this early phase of American history loses much of its significance and capacity to explain later developments. And the usual story about “settlement” that follows “discovery,” “contact,” or “invasion” is not only linear but very narrowly channeled” (15). Bender says history is much more complicated, it doesn’t just go from point A to point B Teleology is the study of ultimate causation bender says this is bad because things are much more complicated than one single cause Bender believes that history is not inevitable o Oceanic Revolution (17-19) “The world is an ocean and all its continents are islands” (17) “Revolutionary transformation of the ocean from a barrier into a connector of continents, a medium of the global movement of people, money, goods, ideas.” This was such a big breakthrough because the ocean was an unknown thing and soon this Revolution began the age of sea power (19) Specific consequences 1.) shifts world power from Afro-Eurasia World to Atlantic World 2.) Flourishing of ideas / culture with new money in Europe a. With all this new economic power from the ocean comes arts, technology, renaissance 3.) Spread of disease to Americas 4.) New understandings of being human – racial hierarchies (20) a. Ex. They faced people in the Americas that they had never faced before are they human Chapter Thesis o See page 17
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o Questions How can we better understand the enormity of the revolution that Bender is trying to convey? What would Diamond say about the significance of the Ocean Revolution for world history? How does Bender’s story about the Ocean Revolution unfold? o Chapter Sections Introduction (15) The Island World (22) Going Global (28) People from the Sea (33) Atlantic Creoles (45) The Plantation Complex (53) Conclusion (59) Student notes o Island World Impetus for these Atlantic European nations to catch up Greek Mapping technology Greeks begun understanding the world by 3 rd century BC Early Trade Afro Eurasia trade has existed for centuries Marginalized Mediterranean world Marco Polo and Ibn battuta Importance of early explorers Impact of the ottoman empire
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