Kings of the Ring

Kings of the Ring - -trained less and loss to a huge...

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Kings of the Ring -Willard knocked out most-hated man in boxing in 1915, Jack Johnson -Willard vs. Dempsey 1. Dempsey knocked down 7 times 2. Dempsey still wins against Willard -Carpentier vs. Dempsey 1. People turned against Jack Dempsey 2. Dempsey ahead at first, but Carpentier comes back 3.Carpentier loses in round 4 -Tunney vs. Dempsey 1. Tunney studied films, was handsome, complete opposite of Dempsey 2. February 3 rd , 1926 in Philly 3. Tunney wins unanimously for heavyweight crown due to science and conditioning 4. Tunney not popular champion, thought to be snobbish (“the fighting marine”) 5.Rematch at soldier’s field in Chicago, Tunney wins again Schmeling vs. Baer -1933 Canera- heavyweight champion of the world in 15 rounds, but not popular, so Baer must come back and help. Canera was mussolini’s favorite Baer- could not defend his title after beating carnera
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Unformatted text preview: -trained less, and loss to a huge underdog in his first defense Joe Lewis – knocks out Baer in 4 th round, gift for his wife-Loses to Schmeling, who unwillingly becomes image of Aryan supremacy-in rematch, breaks schmeling’s back Joe Louis attempted to come back due to people taking advantage of him financially Carpentier forced to celebrate 50 th birthday under Vichy pseudo-government Rocky Marciano – 1952-Challenged Walcott for heavyweight crown-Americans embraced Marciano with warmth because he was a positive role model Sonny Liston defeats Floyd Patterson in round 1-Sonny is a hardened criminal with ties to organized crime Cassius Clay vs. Liston-Cassius promoted himself fwell-Cassius gave boxing clinic against Liston., Liston quits on his stool in the 7 th round. Muhammad Ali vs. Sonny Liston (Rematch)...
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Kings of the Ring - -trained less and loss to a huge...

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