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Sports Legend Notes - -by 1969, Bryant signed one black...

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Sports Legend Notes 1970 USC vs. Alabama Game -Florida, Kentucky, Vanderbilt the only teams to integrate by 1969 in the South. a) black players went to the west, ohio state, Syracuse, etc b) the SEC suffered as a conference -Bear Bryant and George Wallace were close, but tenuous relationship -Bear Byrant a) grew up poor, b) color does not matter, only hard work c) alma mater is Alabama
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Unformatted text preview: -by 1969, Bryant signed one black player-Coach McKay had an all-black backfield, dominant program-Bryant offers McKay 150,000 dollars to come to Alabama to play, McKay agrees if next year Bryant comes to LA for 250,000 USC running back Sam comes in to shake Bryants hand in locker room 1973, 1/3 rd of team starters are black, 9 SEC champs, 3 natl champs...
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