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Section 9-12 - Reading Response 3 Bio&Soc205 Section 11...

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Bio&Soc205 Reading Response 3 Section 11 Each article in this weeks readings deals with different aspects of judgment in serious illness or near death situations. Though each author presents his own perspective, all of the authors’ thoughts seem to reflect a similar opinion: within all of the chaos involved in important medical decisions, there is a need for respect and proper support from medical professionals. Gawnde states that there is “an art to being a doctor” (223); Just as in art, there seems to be no black and white answers as to how to handle serious situations and no correct way of dealing with all of the physical and psychological strains which they may escort. We each have our own opinions and our own values. In getting to know patients, it is a doctor’s responsibility to put his opinions and values aside and apply the medical knowledge he has towards advising a patient according to that particular patient’s best interests. When a doctor is able to witness,
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