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Bio&Soc205 Reading Response 5 Section 11 In discussing the need for government monitored public safety , Beauchamp states, “The government has a direct responsibility to employ reasonable measures to limit and reduce such significant risks” (33). This week’s readings ask where to draw the line between public safety and free health choices leading to questions of government responsibility and patient autonomy. While Beauchamp supports government intervention in support of a collective good, others argue that the government is infringing on people’s autonomy. Interestingly, none of the authors from this weekend readings truly disagree with Beauchamp’s beliefs. While Fairchild and Okie both present cases in New York City regarding restaurants and personal health, they both accept the new restrictions in support of the greater good. Okie, however, points out that when New York has focused on only one health problem in the past, the end result was disappointment because one controlled issue simply exploited another problem. Colgrove adds another
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