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Unformatted text preview: Bio&Soc205 Reading Response 10 Section 11 Many times in the discussion of bioethics, the issue of contraception becomes a dispute about abortion and religious reasoning. In this weeks articles, however, there are some new topics, specifically, the possibility of a male contraception and assisted reproduction. Michael Mason writes that there only 65% of the childrenover a five year period were anticipated (2) and that there may be progress towards developing a hormonal contraceptive. Kammen feels that the fact that contraception development has been constantly focused towards females is not biological but material and political (331). Bayers termination of male contraceptive research as described by Olson is only supportive of this information. Many couples, have difficulty procreating and one outlet they use to is egg and sperm donation. Rabin discusses the difficulties in egg donation, stating, ethicists and some womens health advocates worry that lucrative payments are enticing young women with credit-card debt and steep...
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