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Land Desktop Assignment


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THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering CE 321: Highway Engineering Semester Project Description Fall 2007 BACKGROUND You are to prepare two alternate route designs for a rural collector from PA Route 717 near Hamville to North Road near Vesta #6 1 . The intersection locations of the rural collector with PA 717 and North Road are illustrated by the yellow circles on the overlay of existing features. The exact coordinates will be specified in the horizontal alignment lab packet. Both alternatives will intersect PA 717 and North Road at the same location. The West and East alternatives will traverse the respective parts of the study area. You are to design the routes in accordance with the guidance in the 2004 A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets (Green Book) while minimizing the impact on the State Forest and the existing communities and avoiding the historic property (East of Vesta #6). At the conclusion of the project, you must
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