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Unformatted text preview: Research for Better Business Plans: From Idea to Reality From for BEE 489 Management Library Reference Team Doris Smith Management Library The Johnson School 2007 Preparing Future Entrepreneurs Preparing y y y y Tools of the trade Tools Strategies Idea generation Library support Agenda Agenda y Where are the great ideas? – Tracking trends – Learning about cool / new products & Learning technologies technologies y How to build a well-researched, viable business plan around your idea business – Library / web tools & strategies Business Plan Components Business Business Description y Statement of Purpose ($$) y Industry review y Competitive Analysis y Market Research y Financial Projections y Search for Key Terms Search y Using BSP, etc.: – “innovations” – “cornell” – company or product you know – “top” lists Business 2.0, Sept. 2004 Business Home mechatronic printer -Computer display screens? Astronaut parts? Forbes.com or via library Inc.com or via library IPO Central via Library’s Hoover’s Online Slashdot.org’s “science” coverage Industry Information: Research Strategies Research y What kind of data / information is What needed? needed? – Profile / structure Profile – Trends / news / recent developments – Ease of entry Non-Cornell Library Industry Information Industry Association web sites y Government web sites y Association & Gov’t Data Association “Associations Unlimited” via Library’s via Find Databases Find y S&P Industry Surveys y U.S. Government’s “Statistical Abstract” (http://www.census.gov/prod/www/statistical-abstract-04.html) y U.S. Census (www.census.gov) y Google y Stat-Abstract Industry Profiles / Trends Industry y S&P Industry Surveys (via Market Insight) Insight Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries or Encyclopedia or Encyclopedia of American Industries or or Encyclopedia of Global Industries (all via Business and Company Resource Center) Center y Using Library Databases Off-Campus Off-Campus Follow the same route as if you were Follow on-campus on-campus y You’ll be prompted for your NetID and You’ll password password y Be a tad patient – pages sometimes are Be delayed a few seconds delayed y Problems? Let us know! y For computers/peripheral equipment industry S&P Industry Surveys (via Market Insight) (via Profile y Structure / ease of entry Structure ease y Recent events y Statistics y Leading competitors y How to analyze a company y Associations / magazines y Select from industry drop-down list, then click GO Choices for “Health Care Equipment” S&P Industry Survey for “Healthcare Products and Supplies” Investext Plus Investext Analyst reports y Association reports y Good “trends” source y JP Morgan “Category Sales Growth Trends” for Food Industry News Industry y Factiva – – – Articles on industries not covered elsewhere Updates for all industries Information on specific competitors y Other article services – Business Source Premier (SWOT, Datamonitor) – ProQuest – Lexis/Nexis Factiva Main Screen Factiva: Sample Searches Factiva: • anti-aging near3 trends • retirement community industry and wc>500 • virtual reality and atleast5 sun microsystems Tips: Use words like “trends” and “industry” for general articles Also, search on specific technologies, competitors, & products Factiva Results Full-text article Can e-mail, save, print Can e-mail, save, print Competitor Identification Competitor CareerSearch y y y y >2 million U.S. and Canadian companies Contains small companies (3-4 employees) in Contains some industries, but not all some Directory information only Directory Search elsewhere for more information on the Search companies companies Main CareerSearch Screen Search by: ­ Industries ­ Specific US or Cdn locations ­ Keywords Industry size measures will vary. For “Plastic bottle manufacturing”: # of employees and annual sales 46 matches for California plastic bottle manufacturers. Download options Hoover’s Online Hoover’s Research companies y Public and private, US + international y Can make “lists” based on your criteria y IPOs listings IPOs y Have access to “Pro Tools” y Financial Analysis Financial Mergent Online Public companies y Financials in .xls format y Can create comparison reports Can comparison y Industry reports y Company annual reports y 15 years of quarterly ratios, etc. y Private Company Financials? Private y #s from article research Industry ratio benchmarks: – RMA Annual Statement Studies – Almanac of Business and Industry Ratios – Industry Norms and Key Business Ratios – Available in print only at reference desk y Market Research Market Who will buy your product or pay for Who your service? your y What are the characteristics of this What group? group? y How can you best market your brand to How this group? this y Mintel Mintel Consumer-oriented industries y Products, some services, tourism y Full-text reports Full-text y Global Market Information Database (GMID) Database World-wide market research y Forecasts y Statistical data y Downloadable reports y Gartner IntraWeb Gartner Market research for the IT professional. y Analysis of the markets for specific Analysis technologies. technologies. y Recommen d “browse” Gartner search box RFID = radio frequency identification tags Gartner “search” results screen Gartner “Browse” Gartner Gartner “Topics” Gartner Topic Summary Topic Idea generation y Industry review y Competitive analysis y Financial Projections Financial y Market Research y Important note: Important These are the most popular databases only. So….. databases only Come see us when you need more help! y Use our consultation service Use y Management Library Reference Team Management [email protected] Library Support Library One-on-one or team help y Reference hours y – Monday - Wednesday 10am-5pm, 6pm9pm – Friday 10am-5pm – Weekend hours posted on web Sample business plans y Entrepreneurship books Entrepreneurship y E-mail us at [email protected] y ...
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