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Kendall Cablao Stephanie Imig AP Literature and Composition 1/19/16 The Prometheus Myth “Genetic power is far more potent than atomic power. And it will be in everyone's hands. It will be in kits for backyard gardeners. Experiments for schoolchildren. Cheap labs for terrorists and dictators. And that will force everyone to ask the same question— What should I do with my power?—which is the very question—science cannot answer." ~Michael Crichton,Jurassic Park State a clear response to the idea “What should I do with my (genetic) power?” Provide a reason for the statement “Science cannot answer.”
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Unformatted text preview:health issues. Many diseases are caused by genetic deformity. In the example of cancer, the body doesn't have working genes that cause cell apoptosis, or cell death, when cells become deformed or irregular. By using genetic power, we can solve many of the issues in the medical field. Science cannot answer the question of what people will do with their power because science is concrete, and supported with evidence and equations. The activities of people don't conform to science because people rely on emotions. Cablao1 Works Cited Hunt, J M. "The Creation of Man by Prometheus." Prometheus . The Hellenic Society Prometheas, 2011. Web. 19 Jan. 2016. Cablao2