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Mrs. Owens Section 25 My informative speech group worked together to achieve our common goal of a high grade. Singularly each group member was able to function perfectly fine but when we added the dynamic aspect of more people we were able to express ourselves even more creatively. There was an initial learning time period where we needed to get to know each other in order to function well and constructively maximize each group member’s talents. My group had to have great group synergy in order to succeed. In my group no one person was more important than the other we all shared the work equally and coupled with a great organizational system were able to complete our work quickly and efficiently while maintain a great creative atmosphere. We were able to create a constructive work environment
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Unformatted text preview: that utilized all of our assets in order to achieve our final outcome. Although group synergy can be brought down by a member of the group that does not pull their weight in our group this was not the case. We were able to shine more brightly as individuals because of the success of the group. The ability to function well in a group is an important aspect in everyone’s life we will all have to function in groups throughout the rest of our life in social events or the workplace. The positive experiences that I gained in the group work will help me in the immediate future working with multiple people in school and it will help me in out of school activities if from parties to work the effects of this experience will be reverberated in my actions....
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