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Dear Senator Obama

Dear Senator Obama - affordable for all qualified students...

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Dear Senator Obama: My name is and I am a undergraduate student at Illinois State University. As a college student, I am writing you to express my strong appreciation of your support of the College Cost Reduction and Access Act. This bill which will increase grants for students by over $20 billion and reduce the interest rates of student loans could not be more appreciated. Having the ability to receive a first class education without having to worry about having a ball and chain attached to our legs by student loans for the next decade. The idea of loan forgiveness for those that spend ten years at public service jobs is a great way to promote the a declining education system. Although this act is designed to protect college student’s future income and make college
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Unformatted text preview: affordable for all qualified students, it practically eliminates all profits that lenders have a potential to make. According to Kevin Bruns, the executive director of America's Student Loan Providers, stated that “the new law could take away 80 percent of the companies' federal subsidies over the next five years, which could result in fewer loan benefits for students” of course this is rightfully discredited by student advocates. I must agree that this is a “victory for students” and for yourself. Your continued efforts to pass legislation that will increase the opportunities available to American citizens, is very much appreciated. Sincerely,...
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