Exam 3 F08 - Exam #3 Fall 2007 American Government &...

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Exam #3 Fall 2007 Erik Rankin Name_________________________________ UID # _________________________ Section I –Short Answer – Use the back if necessary (One paragraph minimum – 10 pts each) 1. Discuss the influences that shape our political opinions. American political opinions are influenced mainly by the media, and interest groups. The media influences the public by the tone of the stories they report. Interest groups will endorse the political party that they feel will better their ideals and then will educate their members to support that political party. 2. Why only two parties? The first most obvious reason for only two parties is that it is a black or white question with no grey area which causes more of a gridlock between the two parties. Another benefit of the two parties is its ability to change with time. Since the two parties hold all the power and are the ones making the laws they can make it extremely difficult for a third political party to come to power. 3. Discuss the role of interest groups on the average American, and elected officials. Interest groups lobby to persuade policy makers to support the group’s decisions. Interest groups influence policy by either direct lobbying which is direct interaction with elected officials to influence policy change mainly by campaign contributions or indirect lobbying which is done by educating the public using media, direct mail and publicity stunts so that the public will put pressure on policy makers to motivate change. All
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Exam 3 F08 - Exam #3 Fall 2007 American Government &...

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