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Final Paper - Lionel Sims III American Studies 141 Jonathan...

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Lionel Sims III American Studies 141 Jonathan Pickett 12/02/07 Analysis of Meanings within Ghost Town and Fight Club In the two stories of Ghost Town by Robert Coover , and the movie Fight Club (based on the original novel with the same name by Chuck Palahnuik) , the viewer/reader is overtaken by continuous metaphors throughout . Almost all of which are lending to some of the same overall tones and meanings . The novel Ghost Town starts off focusing on its protagonist “The Kid” . This character and the setting are obviously designed to remind the reader of the classic western genre . In this novel the narrative style is very odd in the sense that it is tight with few words but very carefully chosen language , especially whenever it is describing something in detail , such as the opening scene and the appearance of The Kid . He stirs up ideas of the downtrodden western hero with his six-shooter and his rifle wearing tattered clothes . So this immediately designed to spark compassion from the reader just before the first metaphor arises . As he heads toward a town on the horizon it seems to constantly be out of his reach . It seems to be moving faster than he is in the opposite direction , but behind a town that is the mirror image of the one toward which he is headed
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is coming toward him at the same speed as the one moving away . I took this metaphor to mean that although he felt trapped in an endless attempt to get somewhere . The place he was headed was really headed for him the entire time . This idea is brought up again throughout the novel in different places . By the end of the first few pages it is evident to the reader that this book is not in any way intended to be a piece of realism , therefore meanings and emotions can be conveyed in wildly metaphorical ways . This seems to be the case also for various parts of the movie Fight Club , by seeing the movie through the narrator’s (Edward Norton’s character) eyes a lot of the action doesn’t seem real .
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