The Personal Response Essay - Lionel Sims III AS & RC...

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Lionel Sims III Prof. J. Young The Personal Response Essay I recently screened a shortened version of the film “The Birth of a Nation”, and my initial response was that of somewhat shock. My shock came from the idea that a movie with such blatant and rampant racism could be written, produced, and sold as a major motion picture. Then I took a step back and thought about the chronological context of the movie and the general ideals and attitudes toward black people at that time. It is a little difficult for me to genuinely understand absolute racism being that I am only nineteen years old and have no real point of reference other than history books and old stories. I still feel as though I should try and understand however because I am black and the things that happened shaped my family in ways I couldn’t imagine. The film centers mostly on a single white family but depicts the entire white race as victims of the unrest and indecency brought on by the despicable, no good Negros that help facilitate reconstruction in the South after the Civil War. The film’s depiction of Southern whites was accurate to a point. There were very racist and felt put out and
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The Personal Response Essay - Lionel Sims III AS & RC...

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