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Lionel Sims III American Studies 141 Jonathan Pickett In-Depth Literature Analysis In Nadine Gordimer’s novel “The Pickup” diction and syntax lend to the expression of central meanings and concepts that arise in other passages from novels such as “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger. Upon analysis of the reading, a particular passage of Gordimer’s work stood out to me. It was near the beginning of the book starting on page forty and ending on page forty-one. In this paragraph the word black is used in more than three instances. Each time the word black is used its repetition becomes more noticeable, due to its placement becoming more frequent. In this passage, it seems that the word black itself is taking on negative connotations. The third time the word is used on line six of the nineteen line paragraph; it is used as a means to surprise the protagonist Julie. She never expected to see a black couple at her father’s house for Sunday lunch. It’s used again to discuss “hand-over-fist black political power”, which doesn’t seem to be as negative in the voice of the narrator
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but referring to a different usage of the word black. Almost as if once it was used to surprise Julie and black was seen at the table, it wasn’t as bad a word as it had been in the previous lines of the passage. Interestingly enough, the color-struck Julie doesn’t care about the race of those at her father’s lunch table. She cares about her father noticing the race of the man she brought with him. A recurring theme with
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Passage Analysis - Lionel Sims III American Studies 141...

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