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Polymer Cross - Polymer Cross-Linking and Viscosity By...

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Polymer Cross-Linking and Viscosity By: Lionel Sims III Lab Instructor: Roy 11/09/07
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Results and Discussion : A solution of PVA poly (vinyl acetate) was made by heating 50 mL of tap water to boiling and then cooling down to 90°. Two grams of solid PVA was slowly added to the heated water and stirred to create a good mixture. The time needed to dissolve all of the PVA was quite a while and the solution stayed cloudy for a while but it started to turn clear soon enough. Next methyl red indicator was added to the PVA solution so that the pH of the solution could be easily observed throughout the experiment. A borate solution was solution was also created while the PVA solution was cooling after being completely mixed. The borate solution contained .4 grams of borax and 50 mL of heated water. The two solutions were added to each other and yielded the following reaction. Na2B4O7 (s) + 7H2O(l) 2B(OH)3(aq) + 2Na + (aq) + 2B(OH)4 - (aq) The results were almost immediate, the solution became extremely viscous. It
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