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Bulgaria - Background Note Bulgaria People ice skate in...

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Background Note: Bulgaria People ice skate in front of the National Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria, January 2, 2006. [© AP Images] PROFILE OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Bulgaria Geography Area: 110,910 sq. km. (slightly larger than Tennessee). Major cities: Capital --Sofia 1.2 million. Others: Plovdiv--368,568, Varna--349,482. Terrain: Bulgaria is located in South Central Europe. The terrain is varied, containing large mountainous areas, fertile valleys, plains and a coastline along the Black Sea. Climate: Continental--mild summers and cold, snowy winters.
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People Population (2006): 7,679,290. Growth rate (2006): -0.51%. Ethnic groups (2001): Bulgarian 83.94%, Turkish 9.42%, Roma 4.68%, and other 2% (including Macedonian, Armenian, Tatar, Circassian). Religions (2001): Bulgarian Orthodox 82.6%, Muslim 12.2%, Roman Catholic 0.6%, Protestant 0.5%, others. Language: Bulgarian 84.5%, other 15.5%. Health: Life expectancy (2006)--male 68.68 years; female 76.13 years. Infant mortality rate (2006)--19.85 deaths/1,000 live births. Work force (2005 est.): 3.34 million. Agriculture --11%; industry --32.7%; services --32% (3rd qtr. 2004 est.). Government Type: Parliamentary democracy. Constitution: Adopted July 12, 1991. Independence: 1908 (from the Ottoman Empire). Branches: Executive --president (chief of state), prime minister (head of government), Council of Ministers (cabinet). Legislative --unicameral National Assembly or Narodno Subranie--240 seats. Members are elected by popular vote of party/coalition lists of candidates for 4-year terms. As of January 2008, seat allocation is as follows: CfB--82, NMSS--36, MRF--34, UDF--16, DSB--16, BND--16, BPU--13, Ataka--11, and independents--16. Judicial --three-tiered system. Administrative divisions: 28 provinces plus the capital region of Sofia. Suffrage: Universal at 18 years of age. Main political parties: Coalition of Bulgaria or CfB (coalition of parties dominated by BSP); Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP); National Movement Simeon II (NMSS); Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF); United Democratic Forces (UDF); Democrats for Strong Bulgaria (DSB); Bulgarian Peoples Union (BPU); Bulgarian New Democracy or BND (a parliamentary group formed by NMSS defectors); Attack Coalition (ATAKA); and Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria (GERB). Results from the June 25, 2005 general election are as follows: CfB 31.1%, NMSS 19.9%, MRF 12.7%, ATAKA 8.2%, UDF 7.7%, DSB 6.5%, BPU 5.2%. Economy GDP (2006): $31.49 billion. Real GDP growth: 6.1% (2006); 5.5% (2005); 5.7% (2004); 4.3% (2003). Per capita GDP (PPP, 2006): $10,700. Inflation rate: 12.5% (2007), 6.5% (2006); 5% (2005); 6% (2004); 5.6% (2003). Unemployment rate: 6.62% (November 2007), 9.61% (2006 average); 11.5% (2005); 12.7% (2004 average); 14.25% (2003 average). Natural resources: Bauxite, copper, lead, zinc, coal, and timber.
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Bulgaria - Background Note Bulgaria People ice skate in...

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