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SOCI210 April 4th lecture notes

SOCI210 April 4th lecture notes - SOCI210 April 4 2007...

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SOCI210 April 4, 2007 Changing Family I. Critique of Popenoe II. Causes of Family Change a. Laplante - Religion b. Marxist – Economy Popenoe: -Changes in the family aren’t necessarily good, will have negative effects on society - has suggestions as to how to address these problems Strengthen the value of marriage Somebody has to look after the children during the early years for bonding purposes (mother taking first year off work, not fathers; women are better able to take care of children, Popenoe thinks) - These suggestions aren’t very well taken in sociology, but are important issues Critiques of Popenoe: Dependence upon biological differences between men and women and this playing a role in raising children Conservatism: romanticized view of the nuclear family with harmonious relations within familial structure; (There was a lot of abuse and hardships in nuclear family!) *Parents staying together and fighting vs. those who split up* & the psychological harm on children Limited view of the family; one ideal structure
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