China - China: Taking Desperate Measures to Reduce...

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China: Taking Desperate Measures to Reduce Population? Jessica Ogg GEO 210 The one child policy in China has been a continuing problem since it was implemented in the 1970s. It is a problem because of the Chinese culture’s favoritism of boys. It is because of the China’s favoritism of having boys that has caused many expecting couples to abort their pregnancies or worse if they discover they are having a girl baby. The Chinese women have been oppressed all throughout Chinese history, however; over the past twenty years it has become apparent that the culture’s treatment of women must undergo change or the entire country will suffer. The gender imbalance in China is growing more and more troublesome, as it practically impossible for young Chinese men to find wives. This may cause a huge plunge in the population in the next few years if nothing is done to change this policy. In 1949, when the Chinese Communist Party, the PRC, was elected into power, the Communist leader Mao Zedong promoted population growth because he regarded that a large population would be an asset for both production and security. The population skyrocketed and the government, fearing the growing country would eventually outrun their resources and as early as 1953, China took steps to decrease its population growth rate. Government family planning services became available throughout China as a contribution to maternal and child health care. Even with these measures, rapid population growth put a strain on the government efforts to meet the needs of the Chinese people.
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Target growth rates for the population increase were set for the first time in 1970. To achieve these target rates China extensively promoted marriage later
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China - China: Taking Desperate Measures to Reduce...

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