CRYOSPHERE - • Contains lots of methane SEA •...

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Earth 2 Thursday, February 11th, 1999 Announcements: Test is on Tuesday!!! Lecture notes: CRYOSPHERE The cryosphere consists of the vast amount of seawater on earth 98% Seawater 2% Frozen SNOW The snow cover has the mopst rapid response time It has an albedo greater than .80 This is the ice-albedo feedback: Snow Accumulation-->Transformations. .. SNOW-->AIR.LOSS-->ICE-- >FABRIC-->DEFORM-->FLOW Air is lost in between grains of snow, creating a firn Snow becomes a group of equi-anuglar crystals
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ICE SHEET The ice cap is actually flowing, deforming, and flowing toward the ocean Ice Sheets 1)Record climate change 2)Show sea level rise/decline PERMAFROST Permafrost consists of permanantly frozen soil
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Unformatted text preview: • Contains lots of methane SEA • Temperature cools-->denser, lighter water as it nears freezing point • Ocean doesn't reach this lightening point until it's a little cooler than freezing • Less dense water on top of the ocean is what cretaes sea ice • Sea ice only covers 10% of the oceans in the Northern Hemisphere • Sea ice is highly reflective LEADS • NO LEADS-->Ice is an insulator, has no moisture, and creates few clouds • LEADS-->Much heat loss, much evaporation, and creates many clouds TEST OVERVIEW 4-5 Definitions 5-7 What's the significance of. .. 10-12 Fill-in the Blanks 6-10 Short Answer Questions 1 Discussion Question...
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CRYOSPHERE - • Contains lots of methane SEA •...

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